God told me to drink whiskey

I owe a lot of money in student loans relative to my income. No sweat. It’s not as big of a deal since I’m in Japan. I don’t really think about the debt, nor do I really consider it debt. I think of it as money that I was able to raise because I have such a smart brain. Yeah, ok well if I was smart enough to get that much money then why not figure out how to pay it off?

And get a real job, as they say. I’m working on that part. I hit home runs in my head every day. Literally, I see myself hitting home runs. I also see myself at the head of an electric car company, winning multiple oscars, rapping in front of huge crowds mesmerized by my beats. I’m not very good at ordinariness, which makes me quixotic, I know. Dreaming big causes tension in one’s psyche. On one hand, you know how amazing you are and what you’re capable of and on the other you have to wrestle with your current life circumstances.

Our culture has a way of shaming people to enforce social norms and keep the wheel moving. Most people stop dreaming at a young age. I’m not saying that I have the right answer because I haven’t figured it all out yet. I owe a lot to a special woman in my life. Without her I would likely be dead by now. Before you start judging me, I can hear it in my head, let me say that there is a very unique set of circumstances that led to my current situation that I cannot explain as being logical in a materialist paradigm. Spiritually, there were forces that brought us together that is likely something that we both agreed upon prior to coming to earth. It’s called a soul contract. I sometimes feel lonely and out of place in Japan. Some days I really feel the pain of social isolation and I have to recenter myself.

I’m still happy deep down. My light shines bright. I just have these surface level frustrations that I am dealing with. So god told me to drink whiskey, not too much, just to take the edge off.

And then I thought of all of the times that god was with me even while being really drunk. Like the time I decided that it would be a good idea to take a piss into the Seine off the ledge of a bridge near the Eiffel tower. Yeah that was smart, Mike.

Most advanced sources of wisdom tell us that god is all encompassing, he’s omnipresent. If God is everywhere, he has to be inside of my glass of whiskey. That explains my early twenties, I wasn’t drunk most weekends I was just with God.

I’m working on manifesting a miracle. It takes a change of conscious energy to generate the right coincidences and align the stars to your will. I’ve done it in the past and I’ll do it again. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy my whiskey.

-Mike Free

Twerking for a Better Planet

There’s an uncommon art form called Afrofuturism. To sum it up: when the pyramids of Giza take flight and enter space in electromagnetic synthesizer love headed for the Orion nebula you get Afrofutursim. Afrofuturism is a type of visualization and ritualistic art to awaken us and free our minds from the repressive forces of society.

Forerunner Foray from Shabazz Palaces helps explain the afrofuturist worldview.

You see how he was hanging out in space and reincarnated? Juxtapose that against the beginning of the video in the grimy street and you have what Afrofuturism is all about.

Check out this video Rock this Road from Basement Jaxx. It’s more obvious and straight to the point. It’s got a great beat and the dancers really make the video come alive.

You lift me up in the galaxy! You see how they shot that light at those suburbanites and they couldn’t help but merge from their boredom and started dancing? That’s the history of the world right there. The future is Afro-rific.

Afrofuturism must be encoded into the fabric of space-time. When Gaia enters the age of aquarius and the masculine is balanced with the feminine we will see Afrofuturism become Afro-nowism. And Afro-awesomeism. As we approach the age of aquarius in earth’s relation to the galaxy, people will begin to feel more free. And women will twerk! 

Do you know what twerking really is? It’s a kundalini exercise to awaken the coiled serpent that contains the life-force connected to the earth that is embedded in the root chakra of every person. This is the power of Africa spreading across the world through dance and raising the vibration of Gaia while we conquer repression. Twerk ladies twerk!

Listen to George Clinton, an afrofuturist himself, when he talks about Miley Cyrus twerking at the Grammy’s, “She’s got the funk. I love her! Her mind got free and her [bleep] got twerkin’. She was workin’ on the twerkin’. And I’m really glad she’s workin’ it up and p**sing those grandparent-minded [bleep] off.

I’m actually very good friends with her uncle Kebo Cyrus. We’ve gotten up to some crazy things – it must run in the family. But Funkadelic have been inviting people up on stage to twerk and tweak and tweet for the last 20 years. Ain’t nothing new.”
Some people don’t like white women twerking, especially when they make money from it, they think it’s appropriation. I see it a different way, I see it as African culture changing the dominant culture in ways that’s beneficial to all of us.

With the power of the internet, twerking has spread across the entire globe. There are even women in Russia twerking during a wheat harvest. That kundalini power is sure to bring a bountiful harvest to the fields of gold next year.

This world is a great ride, folks. And the future looks even brighter than today. I see a world where culture is even more intertwined than it is now. Where freedom is not just a good idea but a reality for the majority of people.
Happy twerking.
-Mike Free

Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)

I love this new video Lean On from Major Lazer and DJ Snake with vocals from MØ. What a great combination of cultures aesthetics and sound coming together in this video. Surrounded by beautiful Indian dancers, MØ makes a good focal point with her free spirited style attached to the choreographed dances. Diplo, DJ Snake Jillionaire and Walshy Fire round out the video in a true Indian spirit of coming together through music.


Here’s a great quote from Diplo on making the video in India: “India is special and its beauty absolutely humbled me. When we toured there as Major Lazer, it was mind blowing to see our fan-base and we wanted to incorporate the attitude and positive vibes into our video and just do something that embodies the essence of Major Lazer. Major Lazer has always been a culture mashup and to us, India feels like some kind of special creature with one foot in history and one firmly in the future. The experience is something we’ll never forget.“

®☮ PEACE IS THE MISSION ®☮ PRE-ORDER MAJOR LAZER’S NEW ALBUM OUT JUNE 1: http://smarturl.it/PITMiTunes STREAM LEAN ON: SPOTIFY – http://smarturl.it/MajorLazerHits SOUNDCLOUD – http://smarturl.it/LeanOnStream DOWNLOAD LEAN ON: ITUNES – http://smarturl.it/LeanOniTunes AMAZON – http://smarturl.it/LeanOnAmazon BEATPORT – http://smarturl.it/LeanOnBP FOLLOW MAJOR LAZER: WEBSITE – http://www.majorlazer.com FACEBOOK – http://smarturl.it/MajorLazerFB TWITTER – http://smarturl.it/MajorLazerTwitter INSTAGRAM – http://smarturl.it/MajorLazerInstagram SOUNDCLOUD – http://smarturl.it/MajorLazerSoundcloud GET MAJOR LAZER GEAR WEBSTORE – http://www.LazersNeverDie.com Director – Tim Erem Producer – Per Welén Prod. Co – Diktator DoP – Jacob Möller Editor – Leila Sarraf (Trim Editing) Colorist – Matt Osborne (The Mill) Stylist – Violetta Kassapi India Crew: Producer – Mikhail Mehra Producer – Akshay Multani Associate Director – Mikhail Mehra Assistant DOP – Zaryan Patel Assistant Stylist – NorBlack NorWhite Line Producer – Durgesh Dadich Choreographer – Paresh Shirodkar Production company: Motion Eccentricá Special thanks to VH1 Supersonic and Oji

Song of the New Earth

Song of the New Earth:Tom Kenyon and the Power of Sound is a new documentary about one man’s quest to integrate modern science and ancient mysticism through sound. -SNE

Watching Tom Kenyon’s experience in Song of the New Earth will open your mind to new ways of experiencing life. Tom Kenyon undergoes a personal transformation through sound, and he shares his experience with audiences around the world. Now we are fortunate to have a full length documentary that is eye opening but also funny and heart warming.

Click the link to watch Song of the New Earth.

Why cosmic curveballs only lead to home runs

Originally posted on Pam Grout:

“Love joins with everything. It doesn’t exclude the monster. It doesn’t avoid the nightmare–it looks forward to it.” –Byron Katie

When you think of everything as a miracle, even getting hit by a double decker bus, you’ll be led to a life most extraordinary. Melissa Joy Jonsson, president of Matrix Energetics, was a highly-successful pharmaceutical exec until she literally got smacked in London by a bus.

Most would judge this as unfortunate, but in reality (where only love is real) it led her to her life’s mission–teaching others how to access their authentic self. Getting hit by a bus was actually an act of grace.

Our job, of course, is to withdraw judgment from anything that happens, to remember that only good can come our way. This frees up the universe to begin pouring out blessings.

One of my great blessings is all the miracle stories that pop into my…

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My Mother’s Unborn Fetus in Technicolor


2001: A Space Odyssey

What was that?!

Waking up from a luminous dream. Is this what really goes on in my psyche? 

With my vision clear and bright I saw a fetus spinning in mid air. A pink fetus spinning in mid air unattached, no umbilical cord, no placenta. Actually, it looked more like a pink hippopotamus than a tiny baby. But I clearly understood that he came from my mother.  Can you see it? I wish I could talk in


Behind him in the distance was my nude mother, the image blurry. I’m sure there’s a technical term for this cinematic effect – I’m not a director, Spielberg.

And then the words from a non-local source, “he was miscarried.”

Anyone have a clue what this means?

My best guess is that the soul contacted me through the dream. You know, just to say hi. “What’s up it’s me. I just called to say hi and I miss you. No worries, I’ll see you when you cross over to the other side. Maybe we can hang out on earth the next time we reincarnate.”

Or maybe the same soul did reincarnate on earth and it’s a sign that he or she is in my life.

Today, I remembered this dream that occurred a month ago after I came across a local shrine here in Tokyo where families place stone dolls on an alter to ensure the safety of miscarried babies. The ritual is meant to protect them so they don’t get lost between worlds. Here’s a picture.


Before there were psychiatrists we had each other and we had spirituality. I imagine that this ritual is really helpful to women and men who recently lost their babies. The ritual called Mizuko Kuyo reemerged in Japan in the 1970’s. As you can see, the statues are dressed up like babies in a kawaii (cute) manner. Playfulness and affection have their place in ritual.

My mother told me that she had a miscarriage so the information from the dream wasn’t as surprising as the content and imagery. It happened some time after I was born. I wonder how my mother felt about her miscarriage. She was a spiritual woman at the time. She must have sent love and affection to the soul that didn’t make it to earth at the time. My sixth sense tells me that whoever that soul was is doing just fine now.

Love and Light,

Mike Free

You can read more about Mizuko Kuyo with this article from The Embryo Project Encyclopedia at Arizona State University.

by Katherine Brind’Amour, Benjamin Garcia

Mizuko Kuyo is a Japanese Buddhist ceremony that focuses on a deceased fetus or stillborn child. This ceremony was originally developed to honor Jizo, a god believed to be responsible for transporting dead fetuses or children to the other world. The practice has become more popular in the last half century due to the growing number of abortions taking place and the particular views that Japanese Buddhists have about fetuses and abortion. Japanese Buddhists believe that honoring Jizo will ensure that their abortedfetus successfully makes it to the other world, where it can be reborn in the future. In a religious context, Mizuko Kuyo provides an example of one of the many ways that fetuses are viewed and treated both in natural death and in abortion.

Literally, Mizuko Kuyo is the “water child memorial service” and the ceremony is deeply meaningful for those who practice it. Traditionally, the mizuko were buried underneath the parents’ house since it was believed that the natural water would wash the mizuko to the natural springs under the earth’s surface. It was believed that these springs were part of the beginning of life. The mizuko, or water child, is said to go from the water of the womb to its original liquid state upon its death. Water is important in Japanese Buddhism, as it represents both death and a faithful acknowledgment that the child will be reborn. Mizuko Kuyo is traditionally practiced on three main holidays. These are the spring equinox, the summer solstice, and a day referred to as “bon,” which is a summer day typically used to honor ancestors.

The mizuko are also celebrated at the Buddhist temples. At the temple the parents may buy a stone tomb and place a statue of Jizo on top of it. This statue usually has a red bib and Jizo is holding a stick with bells on top of it to help the mizuko walk. The stone also has the word “kaimyo” written on it, a traditional name given to someone after they pass away. Jizo statues may be placed in a park outside the temple. These parks are designed specifically for the mizuko and often contain swings, slides, and other playground equipment that children usually play on.

Although these tombs and playgrounds may seem like places to grieve, it is often exactly the opposite. In fact, they are quite happy places. Families of the aborted fetuses or deceased children come to these playgrounds to clean their statues and observe a moment of silence for their mizuko. They put seasonal clothing on Jizo and even set up umbrellas to cover them from the rain. While their other children play, the mothers, and sometimes the fathers, take a bow to honor their mizuko. They also bring toys and flowers and light candles to honor them.

Japanese Buddhism does not regard abortion as harshly as many religions and societies do. Abortion is becoming a common practice in Japan due to its cultural acceptance as a social necessity to protect family values. Mizuko Kuyo is practiced in order to prevent people from feeling that abortion is becoming trivialized and to provide the parents with a therapy for understanding their emotions and dealing with their loss.


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33 trips around the sun. Happy Birthday to Me!


I’ve been on this beautiful blue planet since 1982. One of the best years to enter through the portal, I would say. That means I graduated high school and turned 18 at the turn of the millennium in 2000. It’s also the same year E.T. came out. If you know anything about me you’ll know I love E.T. You can check out my blog about it here.

Oh yeah 33 trips, let’s calculate that in miles if it’s possible.

Earth travels 584 million miles in one year. Good god that’s a lot. That’s pretty fast if you ask me. That’s 66,648 miles per hour. In 33 years I’ve been on this awesome ride for 19.3 billion miles!

I’ve traveled pretty far through the universe and I didn’t have to lift a finger.

I’m going to make this a quick post so I can get back to celebrating.

I’m making 3 wishes for my birthday this year. They’re really simple.

1. More love: love is the most powerful force in the universe. If I can harness as much loving energy as possible then I can experience a life without limitations, full of awe and wonder.

2. More creativity: Michael Jackson once said, “I’m happiest when I’m creating.” The same goes for me. Creativity is the greatest joy. Also, I realize now that I’m artist in habit and spirit. Can’t sleep at night. Sometimes I’ll just start imagining myself flying across the world (without an airplane) or jumping across a field of giant mushrooms. I’m not on drugs, I just have an imagination that will take me places. You have to be a little crazy to think that you’re going to move to Tokyo and start a food forest and then act on it.

3. More money ^ That’s why I wish for (and will receive) more money. To fund my crazy ideas that will not seem so crazy in 50 years when the world is completely different from what we see now. I also like Apple products, Tesla cars and international travel.

One last thing, watch these cool videos from Little Dragon.

Peace, love, freedom and Happy Birthday!

Mike Free

Klapp Klapp (part 1)

Pretty Girls (part 2)

Kriya Yoga: divine technology

I am a mystic. So naturally I am attracted to various spiritual practices. Recently, I’ve been studying the life of Steve Jobs who spent time in India in his early adult years. When he returned to Silicon Valley from India he was transformed in such a way that he disturbed the people around him. In his biography Walter Isaacson describes how Steve Jobs would not wear deodorant, went weeks without showering, and soaked his feet in the toilet at the office. He didn’t seem to be bothered by outside influences like the criticsm of his colleagues. He stuck to his ideals like eating a vegan diet.

Jobs wanted everyone who attended his funeral to receive a gift. He gave all attendees a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. A book that he said changed his life. Steve Jobs practiced Kriya Yoga the technique popularized by Paramahansa Yogananda. According to Paramahansa Yogananda, Kriya yoga is the best yoga to achieve union with the divine.

What better way to have supreme creative abilities than to unite one’s self with the divine? I’m pretty sure that’s what Steve Jobs did, quite often. Perhaps I should call him Steve Baba because he was much more of a guru than anything else. If you look at Apple now, you’ll see that he passed on his methods to his inner circle who now runs the company quite well. Even further afield in Silicon Valley, many CEOs and top talent practice some form of meditation because of Steve Baba.

What would be so compelling and powerful about Paramahansa Yogananda and Kriya Yoga to influence one of the greatest cultural (and technological) revolutions in human history? Here I present a video that I recently came across with words spoken by Paramahansa Yogananda.

This light that he speaks of, “how a million suns do not describe the light of my father,” is the light within that we all seek. The light within that heals us and illuminates our souls and ultimately returns us to the source of all being. We can try to get there lifetime after lifetime through our deeds, this is called karma yoga. Or we can use a powerful technique like Kriya yoga to realize our God-potential on earth.

Either way, I find it quite beautiful that ancient wisdom from India and beyond still has a role in our materialistic and technology driven society. A role that I suspect will only increase as our computing and technological power increases.

Love and Light

-Mike Free

Mantras for Manifestation


Recently, I have been putting too much energy into my own self chatter as I try to make sense of my life, climate change and other crises that the world faces at this critical stage in the earth’s history. I have been able to understand different aspects of my life and my personality as I exist in this historical fragment. However, sometimes my thoughts become too much to handle, and I need to turn down the volume.

Thoughts are physical manifestations of the mind. Just as a guitar uses strings to produce sound waves, the brain uses nerves to produce thoughts. However, the mind and the brain (they are separate) can either play harmonious melodies if they are in tune or a raucous cacophony when out of tune.

One method that I use to condition my mind is to chant a mantra using vowel sounds. Vowel sounds are universal human sounds that are embedded in our space-time reality as harmonious constants. We can harmonize with these constants and condition our minds and bodies by chanting them out loud or even in our heads if necessary. When you chant vowel sounds the sound waves reverberate throughout your body. The cells in your body begin to adhere to the harmonious sounds individually and collectively in systems such as your central nervous system. Once your cells are vibrating harmoniously it sends a positive feedback loop to your brain that then sends more positive thoughts to your cells.

These are the objective effects of chanting. The subjective and unconscious effects of chanting mantras are noticeable in the conditions of your life and the quality of your perceptions. You may perceive more beauty in your daily life. Or have a better experience at work. Your personal relationships may experience more harmony. Or you may have more vivid dreams. The possibilities are infinite.

I titled this post “Mantras for Manifestation,” mostly to get your attention. However, I hope that I made it clear how a vibrational sound wave from your vocal cords actually manifests a new condition in your awareness. It is possible that harmonious mental and physical states will lead to greater prosperity, but there is a lot more to life than material goods. When we can focus on getting our emotional needs met without the use of material objects we feel more fulfilled and happy than we would if we attempt to satisfy those needs by buying something new.

I want to share with you one mantra that I use to harmonize myself on four levels. Before I chant, I remind myself to subdue my ego in order to stay connected to the universe. If it’s a sunny day and I’m outside I like to chant with the sun hitting my third-eye. This really amplifies the effects of chanting.

The mantra goes, Om Maat Ra Ma Om.

Ma'atMaat was an Ancient Egyptian principle that represented harmony between human society and natural laws. The Egyptians deified the principle through the goddess Maat. I believe that their devotion to Maat was a major reason that their civilization lasted thousands of years in prosperity. Maat held their society together by promoting moral behavior by villagers and pharaohs alike. I don’t have a source to show you now, but they must have extended this philosophy to nature. They could have suffered a calamitous event such as a famine, outbreak of disease, or enemy invasion on mere chance alone. Yet they persisted for 4,000 years or more. They must have known that they had to give more to nature than they took from her in order to continue to reap her rewards. Knowing this fact is why I use Maat in my mantra.

magnetosphereRa is the sound of the sun god in Ancient Egypt. It is the masculine creative force represented by the sun.

Ma is the sound of the earth, and it’s also why we call our mother “mama”. It represents the feminine creative force.

Both of these sounds contain a long Ah sound, which was the first sound of creation at the moment of the Big Bang according to several traditions such as the Yogis, Tibetans, and Egyptians.

Om is the sound nature (the universe) makes when it is in harmony with itself. Om actually consists of the sounds Ah-Ooh-Ma, which is why you will also see it written as AUM. The first sound being Ah.

As I chant, I consciously and subconsciously know that I am harmonizing my mind, body and soul with human wellbeing, the sun, the earth and the universe as a whole. The mantra reminds me that the best way to create is not from my ego’s desires but from the higher awareness that I am a small part of a larger whole that is continuously evolving.

The Power of Om, Carl Jung, Dalai Lama


Do you know what Om means? It doesn’t have meaning as much as it has feeling. Maybe a better question is do you know how Om feels?

Over the past six months, after talking intensely with one of my friends about spirituality and the nature of reality, Carl Jung has had an increasingly significant influence on me. She was really into the psychology of Jung from a more let’s say academic perspective. My perspective on most things gets filtered through a spiritual lens: spirit creates matter after all. I never really paid psychology any attention in undergrad. Psychology as it’s taught today is pretty much dominated by Freudian analysis. Freud, I think didn’t get the whole picture because he was stuck on sex. Jung was different, not by choice but by unseen forces that changed the course of Western thought.

When I began to look at Jung’s life I became more and more interested in his spiritual life. His experiences include a Near Death Experience (NDE) during a heart attack where he found himself floating above the Earth and then approaching a temple that was guarded by a “black yogi”. During this NDE he saw his doctor in “primal form” as he put it, and correctly predicted that his doctor would die soon after. He also had dreams that predicted World War I, which led him to study the collective unconscious. His experiences were outside of the realm of acceptable phenomena at the time, and even now. Yet had he remained unaware of his own unconscious and other ways of perceiving the world, he would have remained in a state of psychological distress for his entire life. His work was healing as much as it was revealing.

I recently came across a youtube video describing a conversation between Jung and the author Joseph Campbell. Check the video out before I go further. I’m not sure what the deal is with the naked Egyptian god mock-ups but keep going.

Here, Jung in two places has a transformative experience with the sound Om, the sound nature makes when its in harmony with itself. The spontaneous Om of the scientists sounds as if they were captured by the overflowing love of the universe. As if they instantly became one with nature outside of the control of their ego, a type of instant samadhi. Om, and other sounds, are likely embedded in the fabric of the universe. A type of om field that we can all tune into either knowingly or unconsciously.

The Himalayas really are a special place. I traveled to Ladakh in northern India and stayed there for two weeks. I went to a monastery for children practicing to become the next monks and nuns in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The love and joy that emanated from these kids was really amazing. They told us that they do prayers and meditation for all of humanity to live in peace and harmony. It’s really special for them to live with that kind of meaning, and practice such discipline at a young age.

I still remember the face of one young nun standing across from me in the temple. The lead monk had us westerners stand up and face the children. They started singing “om mani padme hum” and encouraged us to sing along. I put my hands in a prayer position and after around the third om mani padme hum I hesitatingly started to join the singing. I made eye contact with the little girl and her face lit up as she saw me join in. It was kind of hard for me to look at her as I felt a little weird saying om mani padme hum yet she just radiated infinite love. After a few minutes of singing om mani padme hum, my mood was transformed into one of openness and togetherness as all of prayed for peace and harmony in the world.

I didn’t know what om mani padme hum meant at the time, but I knew how it felt, and that made an impression in my heart chakra that lasts to this day.

If you’d like to know what om mani padme hum means, and how it can be a way to transform your mind, then watch this cool video from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.