Food loves me: why I talk to my food


Green food warrior: I grew this awesome organic daikon!

Bananas love me. Figs love me. Mangoes love me. Spinach loves me. Avocados love me. Oranges love me. Watermelon loves me.

How many times have we all said “I love food”? And we really meant it. I mean I know that I felt a lot of love saying it. I paid a lot of money over my life to love food. Traveled great distances while dreaming of the food I would eat, savor and enjoy. I love food.

But something changed when I started talking to food. Think I’m nuts? Just try it. For everything you put in your mouth for the next few days try talking to it. Tell your food, “I love you”. Say it with all your heart. And then listen for the response.

In any loving relationship there is no doubt what the response should be, it’s always a screaming “I LOVE YOU!!!!” For eternity, ’til the end of time.

Now to shift gears a bit, I’ll reveal my motivation for this post.

When people ask me where I’m from I tell them California, and then Los Angeles. I was born in Sacramento and my family moved less than two years after I was born. I grew up in New Orleans and lived there for 24 years. So why don’t I say I’m from New Orleans?

I spent two of the best years of my life in Los Angeles where I felt alive, and had a zest for life that was sometimes missing when I lived in New Orleans. I honestly never felt like myself in New Orleans.

I love team sports, so I took any chance to play football or ultimate frisbee. Even if it meant biking 3, 8, 12 miles, playing a game full on, and then biking back home. There was one month where every Sunday I would pack up 50 lbs worth of gear and supplies on a trailer hitched to my bike, host and play a flag football meetup for 3 hours on the beach and ride home with the gear.

This is the kind of food I ate daily in LA. Fresh squeezed  organic orange juice with juiced turmeric root. Super powers activated!

This is the kind of food I ate daily in LA. Fresh squeezed organic orange juice with juiced turmeric root. Super powers activated!

I was living my dream so the energy was always there. But there was one key ingredient that allowed me to sustain such high energy levels consistently for two years. The food that I ate was mostly organic, raw fruits and vegetables. It’s sounds simple but it’s not. I was eating food that was packed with the miracle that is life.

I recently received a message from my mother that one of my uncles had a massive stroke and will not make it out of the hospital. I know that he had a good life, and was committed to creating good in this world. That’s what matters most.

I send infinite love to him and his family as they go through what I can imagine is a daunting experience.

My uncle lived in a very challenging food culture. People from New Orleans famously say, “in New Orleans, we don’t eat to live, we live to eat.” In New Orleans, food, drink, music, community, culture and identity are woven together into the fabric of life.

I know that I am not going to change the world with one blog post. We live in a time where most Americans are overweight and health is declining because of the food. I face the same challenges as everyone else and I have not stuck to the perfect diet despite knowing that I should eat lots of raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

All I ask is that we all talk to our food. Tell your food, I love you.

Wait for the response. It may respond with a big “F you!” Or it may be just be a lazy “meh :/ ” When you hear your food scream “I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART” and tell you “you’re beautiful and full of energy” or maybe “your skin is glowing” or “wow look how athletic you are”, that’s when you know that your food loves you and is worth eating.

Til next time light travelers.

Japan and me: 10 thoughts on 10 months in Japan

IMG_0831It’s Wednesday October 22nd 2014 and I’ve been in Japan for ten months. I have had great times, not so great times, and everything in between. Here are ten thoughts on life, Japan and otherwise that I’ve come across over these ten months. These really are random and not cohesive so just enjoy the show.
1. I can be happy anywhere: I used to think that I needed to live in Southern California to maximize my happiness. Don’t get me wrong, the sunshine and sandy beaches help a lot. But I’ve learned that I can be just as happy on a rainy day as any other day. Happiness is a practice that begins on the inside.

2. Positive thoughts matter: Having a positive attitude goes a long way to creating success no matter where you are in the world. There were times here when I felt stuck in my thoughts and got way too down on myself about my career, or lack thereof. Those thoughts were preventing me from taking the right actions that I needed to take. My life has gotten better now that I am consciously focusing on positive thoughts, not complaining, and making the best of every day.

3. I have no choice but to eat vegan food: I have to eat vegan food for health reasons.  I have not been diagnosed with anything, but I have some kind of digestive system disorder that makes it hard for me to eat meat, dairy, processed food and wheat. That’s about half of all Japanese food. If I had my way, and I could pull it off, I would choose to be raw vegan eating only organic fruits and vegetables. That diet is super impractical and limited in Japan for mostly trade barrier reasons. I won’t get into it because I am not into complaining these days. There’s a hashtag called #rawtil4. Check it out. I think I’m going to try this diet of eating all raw food until 4 o’clock. After 4 I’ll eat a nice warm vegan meal. I’ve been high carb low fat vegan for over a week now, and I already feel great. Vegan power!

4. Globalization is not just for fortune 500 companies: I’ve met people from all over the world and I can honestly say that the world is changing faster than any of us can comprehend. There’s really not much difference between us. We are all interconnected and continue to share stories, ideas and innovate in small and large ways. Everyone has something to offer the world and no two people are just a like. The future is really unpredictable, but I can tell you that it’s awesome!

5. I Believe in miracles: No one can do it on their own. We all get help from unseen forces. Just believe and let go.

6. Japan is a miracle: 127 million people on a series of islands that is 70% mountains with little arable land. And they all cooperate magnificently with little to no violence. There’s high speed rail from the snowy North to the volcanic South. One of the largest middle classes in the world so that everyone can enjoy the wealth. A very high standard of living and not much to complain about.

7. Where are the overworked Japanese workers?: Sure, I see plenty of salary men in suits on Saturdays, but I often see lots of people in casual clothes walking around during normal business hours. I see families enjoying the weekends. There are more national holidays here than in the US, almost 2 per month. And Japanese workers get more vacation time than American workers. Not to mention a lot of Japanese stay-at-home mothers have it super easy it seems. I often see them shopping or hanging out in groups with fashionable kid gear.

8. Mount Fuji is the protector of Tokyo: Three major typhoons came this way and none of them lived up to the hype. Mount Fuji is huge. Any storm that passes by it will get smashed to smithereens. No wonder it gets so much respect in Japan.

9. How we treat each other matters: Politeness is woven deeply into Japanese culture starting with language. Language is made from words that are made from sound. Sound is vibration, something that we feel with every part of us. The language that we use and how we treat each other creates a huge emotional ocean that we all swim in. In Japan, the waters are pretty calm.

10. I’m grateful to be here. 

Nature Hoods


What if we had nature-hoods instead of neighborhoods?

Just sayin’. A naturehood is a place where people live to take after nature. It’s a part of a larger urban area, just as a neighborhood is connected to the city. The naturehood is a place where migratory birds go for sanctuary. It’s a place where humans go for contemplation. Baby deer play alongside baby kids.

Imagination runs wild and free in the naturehood. Maybe each naturehood has its own god that looks after the local ecology. The gods come out at night when everyone’s asleep to perform rituals. Of course, only the young and uninitiated can see them. Is that you Totoro?

Stars beaming above reminds the residents that they live in a vast universe designed for life through light. This gives them meaning and purpose to continue to improve their naturehood.

Sounds like it’s time to make naturehoods. Not you Donald Trump, it’s our time.

-Mike Free 27

Why no sunglasses, Japan?


Exile Atsushi, usually seen donning shades, wants to change his image. The crew of Shabekuri 007 helps him out.

The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

The desire for meaning that makes us ask “why” prevents us from practicing what J. Krishnamurti calls the highest form of intelligence, observing without evaluating. When I think about the motivation behind the “why” it often seems like a weak portion of my psyche that needs that “why” like an alcoholic needs a bottle of Jack Daniels. It’s the ego.

The ego that wants to feel significant. The ego that doesn’t care about the creative process and wants to repeat things mechanically so that it can reproduce the feeling of significance. “Why” sounds a lot like “I” and “whine”.

Let me tell you a story to show you what I mean.

Today, I met someone, let’s call him Frank, who claimed that Japanese people don’t wear sunglasses because there is a social stigma about anyone who wears sunglasses. He said that if you read comic books you’ll see that the shady characters always wear sunglasses.

Before I go on, let me just say that there is this thing that many newcomers to a country do when they’ve been in that country for more than a month. It starts with noticing all of the differences between your culture and the culture you’re living in. It ends with defining, usually incorrectly, the culture around you that you are filtering through your limited understanding of the world. It’s only human to do this, but it gets us in trouble when we open our big mouths to speak a “truth”.

I’ve been in Japan from mid-January to mid-July, which spans from the coldest winter month to the dead heat of summer. From my limited experience, Frank is mostly correct about his first assertion that sunglasses are not as commonly worn in Tokyo as in some parts of the United States. I can’t speak for the rest of Japan because I have not spent enough time outside of Tokyo.

This is where I usually go on a spiel about illusions and consumer society blurring the concept of normality. I’ll spare you that part and just get to the pragmatic basics of it. If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, then you are probably aware that fashion is a big deal here for women and men alike. People care about how they look. It’s not hard to see that for the more serious bunch each item of clothing was chosen meticulously to express the version of themselves that they wanted to express that day.

A majority of women in Tokyo put on full makeup every time they go out. I doubt that they want sunglasses messing up their makeup and hair.

During the week most men wear business suits or dressy casual attire. The demands of corporate business overrule any desire to wear sunglasses.

You can see why many people don’t wear sunglasses given the above factors. Add in other factors like commuting by train, tall buildings that block out the sun and hours spent inside at work or school, and you get a pretty low demand for sunglasses.

Frank didn’t care to observe without evaluating. He didn’t really care about the eyes of the people walking around Tokyo. If he did, he would start a campaign to encourage the use of sunglasses. What Frank really cared about was “why”. Why didn’t everyone else wear sunglasses so that he could feel more comfortable wearing sunglasses? Why can’t they be more like him?

“Why I?”

Art for a New Humanity: Alex Grey


Art is an echo of the creative force that birthed the galaxies. Creativity is the way that the cosmos evolves and communicates with itself. The great uplifting of humanity beyond its self destruction is the redemptive mission of art. -Alex Grey

Art has the power to elevate human consciousness by presenting the observer with a view into unseen realms of thought conjured up from the artist’s unconscious. The observer then filters the art through their perception and is either moved or disturbed by the experience. Given the chance, art can send the observer searching for meaning deep in their own unconscious mind. The artist is saying, “hey, let me show you what I’ve seen and let me know if this has meaning to you.” When that meaning strikes an invisible chord in the observer it shakes her, wakes her up to recall her purpose in the universe. A transformation of consciousness has just taken place.

This is the second installment of Art for a New Humanity. You can read last week’s post on Mear One here.

Alex Grey

I’ve never taken psychedelic drugs, but if I do it will be because of the art of Alex Grey. His work is considered transcendental art. When I look at it I yearn to have a similar experience in order to verify his findings. I know that I will likely see any truths that he speaks of subjectively; they will be presented to me in a language that is reflective of my experience. I think, I don’t really know. (I’m not advocating for drug use in order to have a transcendental experience. Be careful! Psychedelics have been used for millennia to access different states of consciousness. However, just because you take them doesn’t mean you’ll get the same experience out of it.)

What really resonates within me about his work is the desire to create a more beautiful world that is in harmony with the rest of the universe. Let’s call it the Cosmic Perspective. It is a perspective that is rapidly multiplying and growing in the hearts and minds of humanity. You have to be sleepwalking to not feel the crisis that we currently live in. Some people, not reading this blog, really are sleep walking and they don’t know that they’re suffering. It is our mission, one that Alex Grey accepted a long time ago, to bring others over to the light simultaneously as we cross over. Gray is the connection between darkness and light. (paraphrased from Alex Grey; his early piece Polar Unity, above, represents this concept that he experienced during his first LSD trip)




Alex Grey painted Gaia in 1989 after having a vision the day his daughter was born. It represents the power we have to make a choice between a new humanity living in harmony with a living Earth (Gaia) and the old paradigm of dominion over nature.

Liberation Upon Seeing


Lots of imagery here. Grey seems to be saying that everything has its place and things are not always what they seem. I guess knowing this provides us with a sense of liberation from the dominant materialist mythology. The main character in this story is made of all of these images suggesting that he is part of the whole and vice versa. At the heart is Earth with a mother goddess that is watching over a child that’s coming out of the North Pole vagina.

On the light grid surrounding Earth you can see nude humans in a Christ pose. Combine that with the baby and I get the feeling that he is saying that humanity is coming into Christ consciousness where love prevails over fear. The Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa and Extra Terrestrials seem to be assisting Earth Momma birth a new humanity.

Notice that the images at the top are mostly about outer space and an already advanced society that is exploring the cosmos. Very good news from Alex Grey in this piece. Recently, I have felt that we will pull through and actually create a new humanity. I concur with Liberation Upon Seeing.

Holy Family

Alex_Grey-Holy_Family1Holy Family represents humanity’s return of honoring the sacred feminine along with the sacred masculine to give birth to a new consciousness.

Zena Lotus 

Alex_Grey-Zena_Lotus1A portrait of Zena Grey as a toddler.You may recognize the Tibetan symbol ཨ in the middle of the circle that Zena is holding. The symbol is pronounced AHH and it’s the first sound that created the universe. It’s why you’ll often see OM spelled A-U-M.

Grey is showing Zena that she has creative power that is infinitely connected to the universe through her soul. The symbol on the orb in her heart is a double vajra. A buddhist symbol that symbolizes the principle of absolute stability. I don’t quite understand what it’s used for. I’ve been told in the past that it’s used to quiet the ego. Maybe absolute stability is the soul or unconditional love?

I love this gift to Zena by her dad. We should all treat our kids like the divine beings that they are and make sure that they are aware of their divinity and capacity for unconditional love.

That’s a good note to end on. Check out more Alex Grey at and check him out on Youtube, he has great things to say about creating a New Humanity.

Transition to a New Humanity: healing on a global scale


If we are going to transition to a new human society filled with love and equanimity then we have to heal our past traumas on individual and collective levels. Trauma is intergenerational: it is passed on from one generation to the next. This takes place through all relationships, social interactions and cultural programming. These interactions make imprints on our emotional logic and frame the world that we encounter through our five senses.

Nearly all of our systems are not serving the needs of the seven billion people on Earth. The two biggest are the economy and politics, but even systems like community, family, religion and health are also not working in our favor. It’s easy to look at the world and say, “that’s just the way it is.” But is that good enough? What is the value of living so despairingly?

Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you can see suffering in the world and cut yourself off from it. That’s OK. I’m not mad at you. I just think that this strategy takes too many resources. Money, time, oil, trees, alcohol, drugs, diamonds you know the deal. This is resource depletion and it’s reflected in the ecosystem as much as it’s reflected in our bodies, minds and society.

We can heal ourselves and the Earth. But we have to question everything.Why does it hurt just to go into work or school? Shouldn’t we live in a world where human values take precedent over some fictitious duty to a green god we call money?

We can do much better than capitalism, the religion of our times. It’s serious heresy to even question the foundations of the economic system that is destroying our planet. Well it’s time to get angry because this has to end. I know it and you know it.

There are better options like Charles Eisentein’s concept of Sacred Economics.

As you can see, we’re headed for a train wreck but at least we have options! Things don’t have to be this way and we can change them. It’s easy to say that we need to just be better people in order to fix the world. But it’s harder to accomplish if society is designed in such a way that it tears us apart. It’s our responsibility to take on the suffering and transform it in order to stop the momentum of generations past. We can’t have these grand ideals in one moment of a new earth and humanity, and then go about our daily lives of “the real world” where we treat each other and Earth carelessly.

This is where global healing comes in. It’s a monumental task to heal the hearts and minds of seven billion people. Well if it’s monumental then we can create monuments of healing. The beginning of this is already taking place with millions of people around the world starting new practices of yoga, meditation, reiki and other forms of mindful practices. Ancient civilizations understood the importance of having monuments devoted to healing and the raising of consciousness. They built pyramids, public baths, sound chambers and celestial temples to practice healing.

A new field of archaeology called archaeoacoustics is uncovering ancient secrets of the power of sound. Archaeologists recently discovered a 5,000 year old consciousness altering sound chamber on the island of Malta. Instead of just looking at the structure, these archaeologists are testing it out. Here’s their motivation:

One of the most exciting branches of the new multi-sensory archaeology is archaeoacoustics, the archaeology of sound. Imagine being part of a ritual gathering, standing shivering on a frozen lake to hear the spirits of your ancestors communicating with you from within a cliff face. Think what it would feel like to be deep underground in a cave, listening to the reverberations of a human voice by the flickering light of a flame. The idea that our forebears had a far more intimate relationship with sound than most people do now inspires many students of archaeoacoustics. Some study auditory illusions created by the likes of echoes and acoustic interference. Others are interested in the psychology of sound and how it might influence behaviour. Still others investigate how how certain wavelengths affect our physiology by changing the way our brains work. Science, it seems is finally catching up with what shamans have always known about the consciousness-altering power of sound. -Kate Douglas, Featured Editor “New Scientist”

This amazing structure has lasted 5,000 years and it still works well enough to have an effect on human consciousness. This gem from the past is a resource and a clue for our way forward: thousands of monuments and megaliths devoted to healing and the raising of human consciousness. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?


Reincarnation is the red pill

orion-nebulaMy life is like a movie. Jelly? Don’t be because yours is too. I’ll show you how, but first…

Let me tell you how I got here. I was chilling out in the Orion nebula minding nobody’s business, just flowing the energy, when word came down that I had a mission back on the blue planet, Earth. I packed my bags and went through the portal faster than the speed of light and came out the other end in Sacramento, California. At this point, I was cold, had some gunk in my mouth and this new space suit barely fit me and didn’t work all the way. The only thing I wanted was to be held by my mother. And some milk.

So how do I know that I came from Orion? I just do. And how do I know that I have a mission on the blue planet?

Halle Berry.

Please watch this trailer for Cloud Atlas.

Great film, but what really stands out are two quotes:

Our lives and our choices. Each encounter suggests a new potential direction. Yesterday, my life was headed in one direction. Today it is headed in another. Fear, belief, love: phenomena that determine the course of our lives. These forces begin long before we are born and continue after we perish. 

Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future. 

That’s powerful. “Fear, belief, love: phenomena that determine the course of our lives.” Strong forces but let’s focus on just one, belief. In this case reincarnation. And we’re going to mix it with the next quote, “our lives are not our own.”

Reincarnation + our lives are not our own = wake up light traveler you have a mission to accomplish, you signed up for this job now take some responsibility and do it. Or don’t, you have an eternity after all. But do it!

That’s the red pill, accepting the belief in reincarnation and what it means to choose to incarnate on Earth. The rest is just training, Neo.

So what can you do with the red pill? If you ever feel that you’re stuck just remember that you came here for a reason. When you find yourself identifying with any labels like religion, race, gender, class, victim, villain, just remember that you’ve played all of those roles before. You’re just having a different perspective in this life. Finally, you can relax and enjoy this planet. It’s not for you, anyway. The whales are the guardians of it, and soon you’re going to move on to bigger and better things.

The Sweet Sound of Swastika: it’s more beautiful than you think

I love swastikas! I mean now I do after figuring out that they’re one of the most important of all human symbols. Forget what those misguided fascists that shall remain nameless did to the symbol. The Swastika can be reclaimed if we change our perception of the symbol.

Let me explain. In the West we associate swastikas with evil because of collective trauma left over from WWII. If you go to Asia, you’ll see lots of swastikas on temples and other religious imagery. Let’s look at a few examples to clear the air and start to change our perception of the symbol.

Zenkoji Temple in Nagano, Japan





Now that we’re on the same page that the swastika is quite beautiful and used all over the world let’s get to the meaning. The word swastika comes from the sanskrit equivalent that means “well-being.” Good so far. But maybe there’s something else to the symbol. It’s been used since forever it seems and it’s used all over the world, but why? And who came up with it?

I recently found the answer to these questions by happenstance. Every once in a while life just gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you asked. I picked up A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness by Itzhak Bentov from the iBooks store. The book is super weird. I don’t recommend reading it unless you have an open and curious mind. Bentov was an engineer who happened to develop metaphysical capabilities of expanded consciousness. He accessed truths of the universe, and beyond, through his meditations.

Before I go forward, keep in mind that despite what we’re taught in school much of reality is subjective. All of reality is experienced subjectively. What I’m about to tell you is Bentov’s subjective account of truth, but I will back it up and leave you like whoa!

Bentov expanded his consciousness beyond the universe to see multiple universes. Bear with me, please. Here is his account of what he saw.

Above the coil of forty-nine universes you see a luminous three-dimensional form that seems made of bluish neon tubes. Tremendous energies are flowing out of it. You are puzzled, because you recognize this as the Aleph [ א ] the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and you ask what it means. The explanation comes immediately, as if from someone guiding you on this tour: The shape of the Aleph has nothing to do with Jews or the Hebrew alphabet. It is an abstract three-dimensional shape formed by four creative energies that are active on this level. As the four energies of different frequencies interact, they create a rectangular interference pattern, which was directly cognized by ancient Hebrew seers and incorporated into their alphabet…As we shall see later there are other letters and symbols in space. They are part of human consciousness and therefore became the archetypal symbols of mankind.


Out past 49 universes this dude saw an aleph. So what does this have to do with swastikas? The four creative energies he speaks of are: love, creation, will and wisdom. Bentov goes on to say that the swastika represents a four dimensional rotating universe. Actually he says the universe is a rotating four dimensional swastika. It is also the process of creation and one of the four energies creating the aleph shape that he saw.

So here we have a swastika as a symbol of creation and a luminous force in the shape of an aleph. The aleph is pronounced “AHHH.” Try saying it continuously for a few seconds. It’s easy right? And it feels good right? It’s the basic sound of the universe that you’re making.

OK, you might be thinking that Bentov was just nuts. So I had a hunch to look for other swastikas to see what I could find. Below is a picture of a swastika painted on a cave wall in Upper Tibet nearly 1,000 years ago. Next to the swastika is the Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 5.35.16 AMTibetan symbol ཨ for a/ah! It’s the sound of the universe! The sound of creation. The shape that Bentov saw was his interpretation of the sound AHH. The Tibetans saw a different shape of the same sound.

8. Bon swastika and the Tibetan letter 'A' painted in various shades of red ochre and white

Here’s a modern example of a Tibetan swastika that’s been rounded off to form a circle. Look at the character in the middle. It’s the Tibetan character for aum or om. Well it’s not exactly ah, but if you take the circle and squiggly lines on the top away you get the Tibetan character ཨ pronounced AHH.  AH is the first sound in AUM and it’s at the center of this 4 dimensional universe diagram.


Now maybe you’re wondering what this means for you? It’s a tool. Your voice is a tool of creation from the heart of creation. Start chanting, singing AHH. Do it everyday and feel the difference it makes in your life. Tell your friends and family that they have this amazing gift as reflections of the universe. And restore the swastika to its sacred beauty in the West. It is our symbol as divine beings and ours to embrace.



Art for a New Humanity: Mear One

Mear One

Humanity is currently undergoing a paradigm shift from thousands of years of a fear based society to a love based unity consciousness. We are all a part of it and no one will be left behind. If you’re reading this it’s because you are in the midst of a personal transformation that will help to speed up the global transformation taking place. It’s about time!

Each week on this site, Art for a New Humanity will expose one artist that’s creating art for the new paradigm of unity consciousness. One role of artists is to push beyond the boundaries of society to influence the minds of the elites and masses alike. In this way, artists are prophets, storytellers and activists at once. Carl Jung can explain this better than I can, and I feel compelled to quote this lengthy segment:

The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purposes through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will and personal aims, but as an artist he is ‘man’ in a higher sense–he is ‘collective man’–one who carries and shapes the unconscious, psychic life of mankind. To perform this difficult office it is sometimes necessary for him to sacrifice happiness and everything that makes life worth living for the ordinary human being.

….The archetypal image of the wise man, the saviour or redeemer, lies buried and dormant in man’s unconscious since the dawn of culture; it is awakened whenever the times are out of joint and a human society is committed to a serious error. When people go astray they feel the need of a guide or teacher or even of the physician. These primordial images are numerous, but do not appear in the dreams of individuals or in works of art until they are called into being by the waywardness of the general outlook. When conscious life is characterized by one-sidedness and by a false attitude, then they are activated–one might say, ‘instinctively’–and come to light in the dreams of individuals and the visions of artists and seers, thus restoring the psychic equilibrium of the epoch.

In this way the work of the poet comes to meet the spiritual need of the society in which he lives, and for this reason his work means more to him than his personal fate, whether he is aware of this or not. Being essentially the instrument for his work, he is subordinate to it, and we have no reason for expecting him to interpret it for us. He has done the best that in him lies in giving it form, and he must leave the interpretation to others and to the future. A great work of art is like a dream; for all its apparent obviousness it does not explain itself and is never unequivocal.
–Carl Jung Modern Man in Search of a Soul, 1933 via YuricaReport via Jess Hubbard

It is in the spirit of bringing up images from the collective unconscious, the archive of primordial images, that will guide the artists that appear in this series. By appreciating their work and taking it in we can shed the old paradigm and “restore the psychic equilibrium of the epoch.”

There is no list at the moment; I only have one other artist in mind. The artists will be living artists telling the story of the 21st century paradigm shift in some form or fashion. Make sure to check in weekly for some really cool stuff.  And feel free to comment below!

Mear One

The best part of Mear One’s work is that he makes a lot of Murals. Mostly in LA, I think. So it’s easy for the public to come across his work. He uses metaphysical imagery like chakras, auras and halos juxtaposed against images of the dominator mythology like the Illuminati pyramid, GMO’s and chemtrails.

I’ll let Mear One’s own words speak to what he’s all about.

As a Spiritual Warrior you have to know how to maintain balance with the physical world. This current physical world is ruled by materialism & money. This current physical world can only corrupt the high spiritual dimension as religion has, yet the Spiritual Dimension can influence the physical world greatly through Art, Music, Poetry, Philosophy, Science, Dance, Cooking, All things creative and intelligent.

Incorporate your deeper thoughts into more of the things you do and help others to wake up to reality. I promise this will be the most gratifying choice for your personal betterment you’ve ever experienced, well, it has for me. Ask yourself more often how you really feel about what you’re seeing.….Mear One

I agree with everything he says entirely. The last part that I placed in bold really resonates with my recent experience of opening up more of my personal beliefs through this site and in conversations I’ve had over the past few months. What Mear one says is also a much simpler way of saying what Carl Jung said about the artist and creative process being a metaphysical and all-consuming, fiery process.

Let’s take a look at some of his work that I’ve found inspiring and thought provoking. I can’t find titles for his work. If you see a title on something shoot me a comment.

Daila LamaHis Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso surrounded by the People’s Liberation Army of China. His Holiness was really close to being captured and executed by the PLA while fleeing to India after Tibet was occupied. Humanity is really fortunate that he did escape. Can you imagine a world without the Dalai Lama?

Mear One really captures the power of compassion that the Dalai Lama embodies in the face of darkness in the world. His Holiness is the successor of the Tibetan school of buddhism. The oldest such school that houses knowledge passed on from ancient times. We are all a part of this heritage. The Dalai Lama’s work is very important for all of humanity right now. I’ll have to write another post to explain exactly who the Dalai Lama is and why he’s traveling. When he talks about compassion it’s because compassion and unconditional love are real things that are going to save us if we use them.

Compassion and love are not mere luxuries.
As the source of both inner and external peace,
they are fundamental to the continued survival of our species.
-His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama



1799984_10151886008301478_1961171390_oOne quote reads, “Sacrifice is the measure of credibility and information comes with a price;” Next, “Knowledge is power and there is no higher knowledge than truth. The truth shall set you free.”  Whistle blowers Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning (Bradley Manning) and Edward Snowden. Real heroes of our times and the mural clearly shows that. The sacrifice that they made were tremendous. When we’re made aware of what they did as Mear One depicts it here, I feel a sense of obligation to bear witness to the truth.

Mear One

A great Mayan 2012 prophecy here with a Mayan shaman preparing ayahuasca and a child, front and center, seems to be downloading a DNA sequence. The chimpanzee is pissed off. I feel significant when I see this scene, because I know that I am that child who is activating his DNA in union with the universe and rest of humanity.


Ordinary people, stepping out of the matrix and resisting the dominator paradigm is exactly what we need to accelerate this paradigm shift. Just do that one thing that you know deep in your heart you need to do to make a change. It could be simple like giving up meat, or telling your parents that you love and forgive them.


Here we have an anonymous human meditating and channeling energy of three beings. I recognize Pacal The Great Mayan King. I think the face on the left is Anu or another Sumerian god. I don’t recognize the middle face. Horus has a spray can and boombox instead of an Ank.

Mear One is telling the tale of the collective unconscious through his art. The symbolism, juxtapositions and color that he uses vibes with all of us on a primordial level. Maybe we’ve been through this drama before and we put ourselves here to get it right this time and ascend human consciousness to a higher level of loving compassion and unity.

Check out the gallery for some more pics. Comment below and come back next week for another artist!

America I love your crazy #PillsNPotions

America is nuts, but I still love it. I’ve been in Japan for the past six months and I’m really missing Merika at the moment. I’m watching more Merikan media here than I did back home. I usually don’t watch music videos but I hit up Youtube yesterday to see what’s popular. Have you checked out Vevo’s top 40 videos?


Good, because most of it is crap.

I did like Nicki Minaj’s Pills N Potions, a video that could only be made in 21st century America. I can imagine, in a distant future, Aliens looking through internet archives and coming across this video and saying  “WTF.”  Or you know, the alien equivalent.

Check it out. Nicki looks good in next to nothing and the graphics are cool. Hit the 1080P button for good measure.

First off, the video is visually orgasmic and Nicki’s voice is super sweet. Props to all the artists and producers. My favorite is the rabbit. But that’s a problem. Rabbits are symbols of cuteness and innocence. This rabbit is pushing pills and smoking quicksilver. It’s a not-so-deceptive rabbit. Even when you know it’s drugged up and F’d up you still want to love it.

Pills Pez Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 10.33.39 AM

Prescription drug use is no joke. Americans pop too many pills. The fact that we say “pop” in association with pills should be an indicator. In the US we tend to ignore indicators and try to focus on being happy.

“Everything is Awesome!”


Everything is not awesome in America. I am sincerely concerned with the longterm mental and physical health of the country. The negative side effects of empire are taking a toll on the people. The gap between the rich and everyone else is tearing apart the social fabric. Gun violence of all kinds keeps us constantly afraid. I could go on but it isn’t necessary.

We all suffer from these mega-forces of society no matter what our social status or race may be. Let’s make it known that we all have problems. Instead of propping up an exterior where we appear strong and put together we can show our vulnerability. Let’s give love to our craziness on individual and societal levels so we can begin to heal our collective wounds.

America, like Nicki said, “Pills and Potions, we’re overdosing but I still love you.”